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That topic reminded her of her own life. Olivia had just recently divorced her cheating husband. Their divorce was very public and on every magazine and news show around. When her show is over her producer, Diane Lowe, tells her she needs to go see T.

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J, the stations general manager. One of the main characters in this book is Dr. She is a therapist who has her own radio show. She is recently divorced and her career has taken off in a good direction. She likes her job and the people she works with; with the exception of Matt Ransom. Olivia and Matt had a little fling when they both lived in Chicago. Matt was working at the local radio station there and Olivia was just beginning her career.

Now she is worried about loosing her self control when they have to stay in the tiny apartment together for an entire week. The other main character is Matt Ransom. He is a middle aged man who refuses to grow up. His twin brother drowned when they were swimming in the lake by their house.

His mother went into a deep depression and Matt and his sister had to learn to fend for themselves. Olivia, being a therapist, tries to get him to open up about it. He does not open up much, but he opens up more for her than to anyone ever before. His plan for the stay in the apartment is to get Olivia out of her comfort zone. The only thing the author focused on was the physical attention between the two characters. I thought it was very boring.

They did not get to go outside or anything like that. All they had in the apartment was a television, food, and cameras.

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I did like that Olivia was a strong willed woman and did not need a man to make her happy. Page Count: Genre: Romance Great fun I really enjoy Wendy Wax's writing style. She makes me smile with her humor and she writes with flair. She also has a gift for dialog that feels genuine and free flowing. This would be a great vacation read. Oct 25, Billiejo rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! Such a light humorous, fun-filled book.

Definately a radio station I would tune into. Jun 24, Joe rated it it was ok Shelves: romance-contemporary-suspense.

Oct 17, rebecca j rated it liked it Shelves: books-read , romance. Characters are likeable, and she handles romance in a more realistic way. Feb 27, Tasha rated it really liked it. This one wasn't as funny either but still entertaining. Two rivals at WTLK have to live together and do there job without leaving a small apartment. They have history together and may not be able to resist each other of course that is good for ratings. Each of them is a talk show radio person with advice to their respective sexes. Is it good advice or is it just plain ole guy advice.

I suggest you read it to find out what happens. I liked it. Feb 22, Christine rated it it was ok Shelves: romance.


Despite some humorous moments, this book ultimately fell flat, and was incredibly shallow. It takes the battle of the sexes cliche to a new level by trapping feuding talk show hosts Olivia and Matt in an apartment for a week. Parallelling this main storyline, was the story of Dog and JoBeth, listeners who each called into the respective shows because she wanted a ring, and he never wanted to get married. There really wasn't anything in this book that isn't a typical romance cliche -- true love, Despite some humorous moments, this book ultimately fell flat, and was incredibly shallow.

There really wasn't anything in this book that isn't a typical romance cliche -- true love, the importance of physical attraction over anything else, and the apparent inability of men and women to find that special attraction with more than one partner Plus, the big one -- the man, a player, who is willing to change for the right woman. None of that is unusual, and I usually take it in stride, enjoying the fantasy of the romance. But this time, I couldn't do it, and I think it's because Olivia was a therapist.

At one point in the book, she loses respectability because the web cams capture her flinging herself at Matt, and the world knows they got involved in the apartment. I can believe the world would react that way, but personally, that didn't bother me nearly as much as her on-air confession and public declaration of love to a man who she KNEW wasn't going to reciprocate. You can't force other people to change. Or grow up.


These two had a history together -- an extremely underdeveloped history -- but nevertheless, she went and put herself right back in the same situation with the same kind of person. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. I don't expect a different result, and the ending didn't do anything to make me believe these two would stay together. Jul 30, Sara rated it liked it.

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I love it when I take a chance on a book or an author and they don't fail me. Without giving an in-depth analysis of what happens in the book, just know that the hero and heroine of the novel are a perfect match. The wit and humor they use on their respective radio show keeps you tuned in.

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Wax draws the ultimate audience in this book by making the battle between the characters a sort of Battle of the Sexes that is sure to get everyone' I love it when I take a chance on a book or an author and they don't fail me. Wax draws the ultimate audience in this book by making the battle between the characters a sort of Battle of the Sexes that is sure to get everyone's attention. The fact that Max and Olivia are stranded in a tiny apartment with only each other for company for a whole week is sure to draw more attention.

Wax understands perfectly what would happen when two former lovers, who are still attracted to each other, are put together in a tiny apartment for a full 7 days. As always I hope for more character development, but you can only have so much information on the characters without the book getting boring and just tuning out altogether. Nov 11, Cary Pohlhammer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: anyone who likes cute romance books.

I'm not afraid to admit that this is a cheesy romance book. Normally many book enthusiasts stay away from it. I'm guilty, i have just a few. But this is actually a good one. I like books, movies, anything like those involving the way men and women communicate with each other, and that focus on the way men and women think.

It also had an interesting plot, where two people who barely can't be in the same room as each other are forced to share an apartment for a week. It may be cliche, but I sort of I'm not afraid to admit that this is a cheesy romance book. It may be cliche, but I sort of thought it was more creative than that. But Ford is in fact doing the majority of aerial scenes in this romantic adventure about a rough-hewn and crusty freight dog named Quinn Harris, who has escaped the bonds and bothers of civilization for the less encumbered climes of the South Pacific.

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In reality, the Beaver only looks well-used, courtesy of Production Designer J. Michael Riva and his crew, who have carefully aged the immaculately restored classic with judicious dabs and streaks of dirt-, oil-, and grease-colored paint. In all, there are three flying Beavers and four nonflying Beavers used in the film, all but one here in Kuaui-and all made up to look exactly alike, right down to the grease spots and oil streaks. The great Beaver migration Where do you buy a half-dozen Beavers? The Pacific Northwest. All of the Beavers, including one on floats, were purchased there and flown or shipped to Van Nuys, California.

Those tasked with flying were put through a complete refurbishment. All seven Beavers were painted in one furious week, just before filming began. Once finished, the airplanes were disassembled—with wings and landing gear removed—packed carefully into containers, and shipped via boat to Hawaii, then by barge to Kauai. He used it to island-hop and to fly into Lihue Airport from Princeville on the days they were filming flying scenes. Ford takes the left seat While the Beavers are at Van Nuys, Ford climbs into the left seat for the first time and begins the process of getting checked out.