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The Gay Liberation Youth Movement in New York Cohen examines how gay liberation shaped understandings of sexual identity, membership criteria, organization, decision-making, the roles of youth and adults, and efforts to effect social change. Infectious Ideas: U. Political Responses to the AIDS Crisis Brier describes how AIDS workers influenced American politics, especially on issues such as gay and lesbian rights, reproductive health, racial justice, and health care policy, even in the face of the expansion of the New Right.

U5 R58 Second Floor Stacks. From anger to hope, pride to shame, and solidarity to despair, feelings played a significant part in ACT UP s provocative style of protest, which included raucous demonstrations, die-ins, and other kinds of street theater.

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E34 Second Floor Stacks. U5 P65 Second Floor Stacks. Queer Youth Cultures Essays explore the contemporary contexts, activism, and cultural productions of queer youth and their communities. Space, Place, and Sex: Geographies of Sexualities Drawing on a diverse array of historical and contemporary examples, the authors argue convincingly that sexual politics permeate all places and spaces at every level of geographical scale. Thus, they illustrate, sexuality affects the way people live in and interact with space and place, as space and place in turn affect people's sexuality.

The Story of Sexual Identity: Narrative Perspectives on the Gay and Lesbian Life Course Central to the chapters in this volume is the significance of history, generation, and narrative in the provision of a workable and meaningful configuration of identity. Wide-Open Town - A History of Queer San Francisco to Wide-Open Town argues that police persecution forged debates about rights and justice that transformed San Francisco's queer communities into the identity-based groups we see today. Recommended Databases ProQuest Use all ProQuest databases to find a mix of local, national, and alt-press newspaper articles.

You can also limit your searches to retrieve only peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles. Sample Database Searches Having trouble finding articles? Tips to Identifying Scholarly "Peer-Reviewed" Journal Articles Scholarly journals generally have the following characteristics: authors are experts or researchers articles are usually long with very few pictures may include charts, graphs or statistics topic targets a specific audience sources are cited in footnotes or lengthy bibliographies articles report on a study, research or experimentation before chosen to publish, articles are peer-reviewed by an editorial board or peers jou rnals are published by a professional organization.

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Louis Research Division. The Radical Faerie movement was a reaction against the social emptiness that many gay men felt was present both in the heterosexual establishment and the assimilationist gay community. In contrast, the Faeries "live their sexuality in a way that is very connected to the earth.

Faeries represent the first spiritual movement to be both "gay centered and gay engendered", where gayness is central to the idea, rather than in addition to, or incidental to a pre-existing spiritual tradition. The Radical Faerie exploration of the "gay spirit" is central, and that it is itself the source of spirituality, wisdom, and initiation.

Founding Faerie Mitch Walker claims that "because of its indigenous, gay-centered nature, the Radical Faerie movement pioneers a new seriousness about gayness, its depth and potential, thereby heralding a new stage in the meaning of Gay Liberation. In keeping with hippie , neopagan , and eco-feminist trends of the time, gatherings were held out-of-doors in natural settings. In her study of the Pagan movement in the U. In keeping with this, they were often the "public anarchists" at Pagan events, challenging the formalized ritual structures propagated by other Pagans; at one event in the s, a group of Faeries stood at the entrance to the ritual circle, calling out "Attention!

No spontaneity! We're the spontaneity police! Before the Radical Faeries were started or there was any talk about the faeries, there had been many studies done by psychologists and other scientists on gay religion. Encouraging a back-to-the-land ethos among gay men, it critiqued the "adamant heterosexuality" of existing rural magazines and so began publishing RFD: A Magazine for Country Faggots.

After being publicly exposed as a Marxist in , Hay stepped down from the Society's leadership, shortly before the other founders were forced to resign by more conservative members. Hay continued his involvement in gay activism, involving himself in the foundation of the Los Angeles branch of the Gay Liberation Front GLF in , before leaving this to move to New Mexico. For his master's thesis at Lone Mountain College he proposed a gay sex guide containing historical information and psychological reassurance; the concept was rejected by the faculty committee but was subsequently published as Men Loving Men: A Gay Sex Guide and Consciousness Book Describing himself as "a gay shaman", he was subsequently introduced to Hay in Gay Community Services Center , Kilhefner became its first executive director.

As it grew, it sought the support of wealthy gay people to finance its social work and public relations, with Kilhefner being concerned at its increasingly assimilationist stance and taking a leave of absence in He proceeded to enter into a retreat run by Baba Ram Dass , where he got into an extended conversation with Hay in May Kilhefner identified an ideal location from an advert in The Advocate ; the Sri Ram Ashram was a gay-friendly spiritual retreat in the desert near Benson, Arizona , owned by an American named Swami Bill.

Fritz Frurip on the first Faery gathering. Their conference, set for Labor Day , was to be called the " Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies ", [31] [note 1] with the term "Radical Faerie" having been coined by Hay. The term "Radical" was chosen to reflect both political extremity and the idea of "root" or "essence", while the term "Faerie" was chosen in reference both to the immortal animistic spirits of European folklore and to the fact that "fairy" had become a pejorative slang term for gay men.

Around men turned up to the event, despite the fact that the Ashram could only accommodate around After Hay and the others returned to Los Angeles, they received messages of thanks from various participants, many of whom asked when the next Faerie gathering would be. As more joined the circle, they began meeting in West Hollywood 's First Presbyterian Church and then the olive grove atop the hill at Barnsdall Park ; however they found it difficult to gain the same change of consciousness that had been present at the rural gathering. Others however wanted the movement to focus on spirituality and exploring the psyche , lambasting politics as part of "the straight world".

One prospective member, the gay theatre director John Callaghan, joined the circle in February , but was soon ejected by Hay after he voiced concern about hostility toward heterosexuals among the group.

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Twice as long and almost twice as large as the first, it became known as Faery Woodstock. This project would involve setting up a non-profit corporation to purchase property under a community land trust with tax-exempt status.

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They were partly inspired by a pre-existing gay collective in rural Tennessee, Short Mountain. There was some antagonism between Hay and Walker from the beginning of their venture, in part stemming from personality differences. It was made worse by their differing approaches to Jungian psychology; Walker saw analytical psychology as central to his world view and believed that it could be utilised to aid the gay movement, whereas Hay was disdainful of it.

Fairies, Bears and Leathermen

He specifically targeted Hay: "I recruited people to spy on Harry and see when he was manipulating people, so we could undo his undermining of the scene. At a winter gathering in southern Oregon designed to discuss acquiring land for a Faerie sanctuary, a newcomer to the group, coached by Walker, confronted Harry about the power dynamics within the core circle.

In the ensuing conflict, the core circle splintered. Plans for the land sanctuary stalled and a separate circle formed. This second gathering included Faeries who had attended the second and third gatherings in the United States, and led to continued growth of the Radical Faeries in Australia, and repeated attempts to establish Faerie communes, such as Common Ground Clarence River Valley , and eventually the ongoing commune Faerieland, near Nimbin, NSW.

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They raised enough money to put a down payment on some land from a gathering in Napa , however decided against forming a self-sufficient community, instead choosing to purchase a smaller piece of land that could be stationed by a few caretakers and which could house regular gatherings. Black Leather Wings is an organization for spiritual gay leather folk affiliated with the Radical Faeries.

Rural land or urban buildings where Faeries come together to live a communal life are called sanctuaries , [3] which may host gatherings from time to time.

Faerie spirit has sparked dedicated groups to develop and maintain sanctuaries internationally. May Day was a spring time fertility ritual that the Radical Faeries did at sanctuary events to bring in the spring.

go to site Participants at the Faerie gathering helped establish the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in San Francisco that same year.