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Take your stock and materials management to new heights with more great features:. Take your materials and stock to the next level by giving your field teams direct access in the field so they can tie used items to the jobs and tasks they are completing.

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Your work orders, observations, and punchlist items can all have time and materials tagged against them so that your team has direct transparency into costs and usage levels for restocking. Aggregate this information with our intelligence center for improved capital planning and overall decision making. Transform the range of issues you face every day into one easy-to-manage workflow.

Our work order management module helps assign your team members based on their current workload, skillset, and even current location, in order to find the best person for each new task. Schedule and delegate all maintenance tasks- from routine, preventative and corrective- either on the go or from central command. Manage and translate work to your team and other departments by linking your actions to a piece of equipment or location you are working with.

Take advantage of the ability to track and add cost items such as time, parts, and materials right when you are in the field. Workplans have truly never been this easy to translate to your crews and subcontractors. Create a way that makes it simple for foreman to track self-performed activity, manpower, and completion of milestones. They can update in the field, while you have your eye on everything from the trailer or headquarters.

We incorporate meta-data into your workplans so that you can even track percent planned to complete with all variances from the original plan. That way you can improve your planning overtime. Our workplans will give you the added bonus of being able to track and trend self-performed and contractor performance against your plans through easy to understand dashboards and reports.

The Raxar Construction Field Management Platform can be utilized through every department on your jobsites, aiding your business in safety, operations, maintenance, quality control and even equipment. Watch the proven Raxar System transform your field management into a well-oiled machine that operates efficiently, reaches goals faster, and delivers higher quality information to your executive team. A picture can be worth a thousand meaningful words, but only if you can find the right one at the right time. Luckily our enhanced image capture and smart library systems are now here to help.

Raxar captures meta-data with every photo including who captured it, where, when, which project and even information like what direction they were facing. Every photo is then auto curated in our smart library with full attributions to filter in between. That way, you can find the exact photo you are looking for or export a batch at once. Create and assign observations easily and directly while in the field. Give your employee and contractors the kudos they deserve or the reprimands that will make them stronger as needed through our behavioural based observations.

In addition, be able to integrate this to the specific location through GIS or plansets , person, contractor, and jobsite so that you can trend and learn overtime. Collect the information you need for the specific type of observation with integrated forms and assign them to the appropriate person. Track these observations all the way through closure with signatures and approvals so never lose site of a learning opportunity.

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Filling out and assigning punchlist items is a breeze. Complete your form, create punchlist items, and track them all the way through closure with signature and approval signoffs.

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Gain the option to even track any cost or project delays associated with punchlist items. All of this while your in the field with the ability to communicate between departments and contractors instantly with the exact location on GIS or plansets so issues can be taken care of efficiently. Create and assign permits easily and directly while in the field with the appropriate reference materials and signature signoffs from the appropriate officials.

Manage expiration dates all in one convenient place and get reminders on the ones you may have slipped your mind so your team reduces any risks to project delays or compliance issues.

More great features for Permit management you can rely on:. Good things happen when work flows.

Organizational Structure

With our configurable workflow manager, you can create and manage complex workflows across Raxar modules or external construction tools. This means that you can create automated sequences of events that occur on a specific action or reading, such as an incident or sensor trigger. Take your operations to a place you only thought possible in the future.

The possibilities are endless.

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Be able to act immediately with alerts for hazards, and near-misses. With dozens of customizable checklists including field types, statuses, photos, notes, and signatures, you can now collect the crucial information your team needs in a matter of moments. Translate that information into action by delegating, scheduling, and assigning tasks even while on the go with the appropriate sign-offs and signatures to stay in compliance.

Project Management Culture

Streamline your reporting needs with your incidents so your team is informed and can gain insights to improve over time so this issues do not occur again. Be able to get the easily and direct two way communication that your team needs in the field so that your RFIs have the fastest possible turnaround times and remind you if there are any late responses. Information should flow easily with your RFIs, which is why you can tag specific locations of problems on GIS or Planset, take photos with markups, add notes and other information that will help the issue get resolved quickly.

Tie these workflows in with the contact and contract management module so everyone knows exactly who the right contact is at the right time to speed resolution up even more. In addition, manage all your cost and material items and track RFIs through each stage to closure. Our no programming interface gives you business intelligence without the complication.

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Allow your team to build complex queries without writing a single line of code or SQL. With the power of our prebuilt dashboards, queries and reports you will be able to slice the data in every way you need. Reports and dashboards are always updating in real time with the latest information being collected in the field, which means that our business intelligence enhances every one of the field modules across the Raxar platform. Chris March has a wealth of practical experience in the construction industry, as well as considerable experience of teaching, which he uses to support the theory and principles set out in the book.

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Project Management Culture

Project Management Culture Construction companies benefit from a project management culture that emphasizes the importance of meeting project deadlines. Organizational Structure A construction project team tends to have a hierarchical structure.

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  5. Strategic Planning Construction companies thrive on organization, especially at the early stages. Risk Management A construction company's culture should stress the need to deal with risk management every day. References 4 Project Management for Construction: 2. Accessed 22 September Berman, Craig. Small Business - Chron.